Actually i need help, I tried to create a Google data studio community connector for all REST API as data source, Connector is working fine. It's works with all well known API. I created a API for my personal use and i running it in RDP machine (using Node). While i am putting my API endpoint as input, it's showing an error. I self-signed my API to make it as HTTPS (but showing Not Secure). Is there any limitations about that? Am i going correct? Suggest me some solutions. Please help me. If my question didn't follow any of the instructions, forgive me. #newbie

Error fetching data from API. Exception details: Exception: DNS error: https://vm-automation.visualbi.com:39000/getall

visit here for Error image and My API endpoint response

  • The URLs seem to be different in the two cases, is that what you expected? – MandyShaw Mar 15 at 17:28

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