I need to sort QLineSeries and points inside them by their y axis. I'm newbie to c++ and qt so I tried

QLineSeries* series = lineSeriesMap.value(key);

But this gives me illegal indirection error at qalgorithms.h

I know this may be something easy but I need to do this due to work


What you should do is get a copy of the points, order the points and replace the points in the initial series

QVector<QPointF> points = series->pointsVector();
std::sort(points.begin(), points.end(), [](const QPointF & p1, const QPointF & p2) {
    return p1.y() > p2.y();
  • I love you my dude:D – DevelopmentPeasant Mar 15 at 8:19
  • Can I ask you something more? How do I copy QLineSeries* series into a new object? – DevelopmentPeasant Mar 15 at 8:37

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