I need your help setting up user key binding for my ST3 with Emmet.

The problem: Sometimes, pressing tab won't work, or showing other results. Basic abbrevs like div.testclass expands just fine but abbrevs like ul>li*5 or table+ doesn't make Emmet work.

After scouring through the web, I learned that it has something to do with Emmet respecting (and giving way) to ST's expansions and suggestions.

So I tried putting this code as per the suggestion of one member here years ago:

{"keys": ["tab"], "args": {"action": "expand_abbreviation"}, "command": "run_emmet_action", "context": [{"key": "emmet_action_enabled.expand_abbreviation"}]}

This makes the Emmet absolutely work on all instances. But it also took away the basic tab key functions (like indenting).

So please I need help making a key binding in ST3 that I can copy and paste. Here's what I want to achieve:

  1. Obviously, to recognize and expand Emmet shortcuts/abbreviations
  2. Work only in languages supported by Emmet (like html, css, js, etc)
  3. Expand only if there's no text selection. If a line is highlighted for instance, the default tab key function should work
  4. Still show autocompletions popup as normally ST would do, but if I press the tab key, the Emmet abbrev should still expand (in other words, Emmet has higher priority)
  5. Don't expand if there are active tabspots

I hope this isn't too much to ask. Thank you very much.

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