There is any possibility to migrate the Kentico Database into the Wordpress. This is feasible or not?

There is any tutorial or plugin available to migrate the Kentico Database into the Wordpress.

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There is no really simple way to achieve that other than coding an importer yourself, however there are multiple payed services available:

https://cms2cms.com/cms/supported-cms/kentico-cms-to-wordpress-migration/ and https://profprojects.com/migrate-kentico-to-wordpress/

  • Thanks for the information but I have some other queries if the developer develops a script to migrate a database into the wp then it is feasible or not. Please advice – user1979850 Mar 15 at 8:21
  • 1
    It is feasible, but it might involve a lot of work to transfer the kentico database structure to wordpress since there are many differences – Alen Genzić Mar 15 at 8:25

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