I'm rolling geotrellis into a large, existing scala project. I will use this for (among other things) handling GeoJson. Geotrellis depends on spray.

The existing project uses json4s for json parsers built into the companion objects' .apply() methods for some heavy data structures.

So geotrellis/spray will handle the GeoJson/Features... but I'd like to use the existing json4s-based parsers to parse the properties into the data structures.

A minimum example... modified from here: https://geotrellis.readthedocs.io/en/latest/guide/vectors.html#deserializing-from-geojson

This works fine (all geotrellis/spray)...

import geotrellis.vector.{Feature, Point, PointFeature, Polygon, PolygonFeature}
import geotrellis.vector.io._
import geotrellis.vector.io.json._
import spray.json.DefaultJsonProtocol._

// !!!  REPLACE THIS PART (MyData & md)  !!!
// data structure and parser for "properties" => MyData
case class MyData(d1: Int, d2: String, d3: Option[Double]=None)
implicit val md: spray.json.RootJsonFormat[MyData] = jsonFormat3(MyData)

// json as string
val json: String = 

// parsed
val point_feature = json.parseGeoJson[Feature[Point, MyData]]

But... now I want to throw away MyData and md (case classes won't work for my need) and find a way to use my existing data structures and parsers. For this toy example, this mimicks what I'm working with...

import org.json4s.JsonDSL._
import org.json4s.jackson.JsonMethods.{render,compact,pretty}

import org.json4s.DefaultFormats
import org.json4s.jackson.JsonMethods._
import org.json4s.{JValue, JObject, JInt, JDouble, JString} 

import scala.util.Try

class MyData2(val d1: Int, val d2: String, val d3: Option[Double]) {
  def json: JObject = (
    ("d1" -> d1) ~
    ("d2" -> d2) ~
    ("d3" -> d3)

object MyData2 {
  // json => MyData2
  def apply(json: String): MyData3 = {
    implicit val formats = DefaultFormats
    val parsedJson: JValue = parse(json)
    val d1: Int = (parsedJson \ "d1").asInstanceOf[JInt].num.toInt
    val d2: String = (parsedJson \ "d2").asInstanceOf[JString].s
    val d3: Option[Double] = Try { (parsedJson \ "d3").asInstanceOf[JDouble].num.toDouble }.toOption
    new MyData2(d1, d2, d3)

My question is...

How can I use my existing MyData2.apply() to parse the properties in json?

I went and looked here: https://github.com/spray/spray-json/blob/master/src/main/scala/spray/json/StandardFormats.scala

I was thinking maybe I could extend RootJsonFormat and try to convert my json4s values into spray in the read and write methods... but I have to think there's an easier way.

Thanks in advance.

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