I'm attempting to run a "make" command in Cygwin to create a .gbc file (for gameboy color emulator) and am getting an error from the wram.asm file (line 3151). As best as I understand, rgbasm and its counterparts are used somewhere in the compile process. Here is the relevant section:

SECTION "Sound Stack", WRAMX


wSoundStackSize:: db

I'm guessing the "non-constant operand in constant expression" error is due to the *, but I don't know how to fix it. I changed it to "-" in order to get it to work, but I'm sure the program will crash at some point as a result... It's for personal enjoyment, so while it's arguably irresponsible to do so, I needed to for the sake of temporary sanity.

I apologize for using any terms incorrectly; I don't have much programming knowledge and was just interested in editing simple text values and then compiling under the assumption the rest of the files were clean to compile.

  • what type of asm is expected and which assembler are you using ? What is the make output ? It should show the failed command – matzeri Mar 15 at 5:34

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