Since a UWP app is a .NET Core app, a reference to a third party dll created in .NET 4.0 is not getting added in my UWP project in VS2017. I'm getting the error shown below. A similar question has been answered here. But since that question is about 6 years old, and since then a lot has changed in the .NET Core world, I thought may be there are some better solutions to my problem than just rather complicated workarounds. Are there any simpler solutions to make a third party dll reference added to a UWP project?


enter image description here

  • I'm afraid nothing is changed, because they target different frameworks. – shingo Mar 15 at 5:21

You can't add a .NET Framework DLL to a UWP app.

The best/closest thing you can to is add a desktop extension to your UWP process, which is a separate process that can run the full .NET Framework on desktop and therefore load this DLL.

Here is a tutorial on desktop extension for UWP: https://stefanwick.com/2018/04/06/uwp-with-desktop-extension-part-1/

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