The common edit operations used for calculating graph edit distance are substitution, addition, and deletion. And one can find great tools that compute GED, such as the networkx python package.

Recently, I found there is another approach to compute GED with merging and splitting edit operations, which allow a more fine-grained scoring that takes into account pairs of nodes in the graph. It is also mentioned in the context of general edit distance here.

Ambauen, R., Fischer, S., and Bunke, H. (2003). Graph edit distance with node splitting and merging, and its application to diatom identification. In Graph Based Representations in Pattern Recognition: 4th IAPR International Workshop, GbRPR 2003 York, UK, June 30 – July 2, 2003 Proceedings, pages 95–106, Berlin, Heidelberg. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Is there any code or tools available for computing graph edit distance with merging and splitting operations?

(I already checked the tools suggested in this post, but found they are all using the basic operations.)

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