I have a two df that looks like this:


0  a.com
1  b.com
2  c.com

0  a.com

I am able to extract the index based on this logic:

idx = df2.site.isin(df1.site).index

I am able to select the value I want to insert into the column like so:


However when I go to create the new field and pick the row/column I want to insert into, the value that is inserted is 'nan'. Which I can do like this: df2.site.loc[[0]] = df1.site.loc[idx]

How do I insert the string from:


into an existing column in another dataframe by picking the row I want to put it into?


I believe you need DataFrame.loc, but because need set one value is necessary convert idx to scalar by select first value by indexing:

idx = df2.site.isin(df1.site).index[0]
df2.loc[0, 'site'] = df1.loc[idx, 'site']

More general solution working if no match values - added default value:

idx = df2.site.isin(df1.site).index
df2.loc[0, 'site'] = next(iter(df1.loc[idx, 'site']), 'no match')

Maybe is possible use merge like:

df2 = df2.merge(df1, on='site', how='left')
  • I got error ValueError: Incompatible indexer with Series with the first answer. Is it possible to do it without the merge, since I only want one field updated? – RustyShackleford Mar 15 at 6:54
  • @RustyShackleford - I try change idx by [0], but not sure if understand your question. – jezrael Mar 15 at 6:59
  • Your first answer worked after adding the [0] thank you very much! – RustyShackleford Mar 15 at 6:59

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