last one cy.get('[data-cy=impact-area-table]').contains(impactareas.name).should('be.visible').click({force: true}); is not working though there's no any error ,it shows that it's fine and test pass but it doesnot open up the impact area ??

import { fillImpactAreaForm } from './utils';
import {contact, campaign, impactArea,impactareas} from '../support/commands.js';

describe('Fundraising test suite', function () {

    beforeEach(() => {
it('should allow the user to create transactions', () => {
    cy.seedOrgAndLogin().then(() => {
        return cy.factoryCreate('PersonContacts', contact);

    }).then(() => {
        cy.factoryCreate('Campaigns', campaign);

    }).then(() => {
        cy.factoryCreate('ImpactAreas', impactArea);

    }).then(() => {
        cy.get('[data-cy="sidebar-Impact Areas"]').click({force: true});





        cy. wait(2000);

        cy.get('[data-cy=impact-area-table]').contains(impactareas.name).should('be.visible').click({force: true});
       //cy.get('.content-scroll-wrapper.block-content').find('.content-scroll-body').contains(impactArea.name).click({force: true});



enter image description here

  • cy.get('[data-cy=impact-area-table]').contains(impactareas.name).should('be.visible').click({force: true, multiple: true}); -this click() is not working – Bandana Singh Mar 15 at 6:57
  • Can you post the console logs or screenshots from Cypress time travel? – Kondasamy Jayaraman Mar 15 at 15:25
  • i cannot add screenshot in comment but before contains(impactareas.name) there's this request (XHR) GET 200 /sockjs/info?cb=3s6rn2w47t and then only it search for contains – Bandana Singh Mar 18 at 9:11
  • Please edit your question with sufficient screenshot/ error logs – Kondasamy Jayaraman Mar 18 at 9:14
  • added screenshot if you need more screenshot please let me know – Bandana Singh Mar 18 at 9:33

It's happening in 2 situations:

  • you don't have that item in your page or the dictation is different. (mention that cypress is case sensitive for .containt) or maybe your item is not visible.
  • you have more than one of this item. for example, you have 2 close in your page. it makes ambition to click on witch one. try to make it clear by adding more detail.
  • there's no any page opening i tried by closing the form also but no any action – Bandana Singh Mar 18 at 9:08
  • after the test finished, try to click on the area that you select in your test. Is it work? probably the click listener does not work. – Ashkan Mar 20 at 6:59
  • If your project is public and accessible from the internet may you give the GIT address to check? – Ashkan Mar 20 at 7:00
  • sorry its private project – Bandana Singh Mar 21 at 8:42
  • As I see in your screenshot, you define a click and there is nothing after that. It's mean the Cypress should not wait for anything after that, then obviously the test will pass. also, in your screenshot your test area was on before state. – Ashkan Mar 27 at 13:09

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