I want to make FFmpeg application that reads the multiple streaming sources and then opens the streaming server (so that clients can connect to server). However, my FFmpeg's resources are slow and every media resources have different speed. I found one good FFmpeg application example(exe, mfc) that collects multiple streaming sources and then open the TCP streaming server. When this application is executed, it does the following:

  1. running the FFmpeg as many as the sources.
  2. from every FFmpeg it creates only one dummy file (problem: this file size is always 0kb)
    • this is my guess. because I just can see the main FFmpeg app log and this log said just one input file(-i dummy) and after executing the example app a dummy file is created
  3. then the main FFmpeg reads the dummy file and then open the TCP streaming server

I am curious about how this one dummy file is created from the FFmpeg application. Is there any similar options to create that dummy files from multiple FFmpeg?

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