I have an array as A[] = { 10, 5, 3, 9, 22, 24, 28, 27, 15 }, I wanted to sort this Array using QuickSort. I have a method for quick sort as

QuickSort(int[] num, int start, int end)
   if(start < end)
      int pIndex = Partition(num, start, end); //Pivot Index
      QuickSort(num, start, pIndex-1);
      QuickSort(num, pIndex + 1, end);

Here, i am assuming the last index as the pivot element, i.e 15 is the first pivot element at first iteration.

For Partition:

public static int Partition(int[] arr, int start, int end)
    int pivot = arr[end];
    int i = start - 1;

    for (int j = start; j <= end - 1; j++)
        if (arr[j] < pivot)
            Swap(arr, i, j);

    Swap(arr, i + 1, end);
    return i + 1;

As in the QuickSort i divide the problem into two sets, the first with all elements smaller or equal to the pivot, and the second with all elements larger than the pivot.

So, as making the left recursive call I get the output as

3 5 9 10 15 24 28 27 22

3 5 9 10 15 24 28 27 22

3 5 9 10 15 24 28 27 22

Now, my confusion is when after sorting the element on the left side, how the recursive call shift to right?

How the pIndex + 1 = 5 i.e QuickSort(num, pIndex + 1, end) gets evaluated?

Why after the first right recursive call is made then the program does not evaluate to QuickSort(num, start, pIndex-1).

Basically, How is recursive call working on the QuickSort?

  • QuickSort calls itself twice, QuickSort(num, start, pIndex-1); and QuickSort(num, pIndex + 1, end);. The first recurses on the left side, the second on the right, surely? – canton7 Mar 15 at 11:26
  • does it call at once or does it called after the left recursion has been done? – User_4373 Mar 15 at 11:28
  • It calls after the left recursion is done. The first call recursive call to QuickSort must complete before the second call starts, and the first recursive call only completes after the full left recursion has been done. – canton7 Mar 15 at 11:30
  • how in the right recursive call(when all left recursive is complete), it use the Pivot Index as 5 and make, QuickSort(num, 5, 8), because while evaluating the left recursive call the pivot has been changed and it has been moved to left most of the left array. and how when evaluating the right sets, the pivot start from the what was on the first call(before any recursion). – User_4373 Mar 15 at 11:35
  • 1
    pIndex, start and end are local variables. When you call QuickSort(num, start, pIndex-1), that passes copies of those values into the recursive call. When the second recursive call to QuickSort(num, pIndex + 1, end); is made, it uses the original unmodified copies. Thus the pivot hasn't been changed. – canton7 Mar 15 at 11:42

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