I have created a jain-slee application for mgcp service, as described below http://docs.jboss.org/mobicents/jain-slee/2.4.1.FINAL/resources/mgcp/user-guide/en-US/html_single/

whenever I tried to contact media-server-7.0.0-32 with the (sendRQNT function) I am having this error:

From my Sbb>>>RQNT failed. Value = 518 Comment = Unsupported or unknown package.

from my media-server-7.0.0-32>>> WARN [RequestNotificationCommand] Protocol error occurred during tx=147483656 execution. Reason: org.restcomm.media.control.mgcp.command.MgcpCommandException: Unsupported or unknown package at org.restcomm.media.control.mgcp.command.RequestNotificationCommand.validateParameters(RequestNotificationCommand.java:109)

How to fix these issues?

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