I'm developing a django project for use in America, specifically the New York timezone and the system is hosted on AWS, with SES sending email. The email backend is using django-anymail which is a simple wrapper for SES and the system uses send_mail from django core.

To support this I've opted for the following Django settings;

EMAIL_BACKEND = "anymail.backends.amazon_ses.EmailBackend"

TIME_ZONE = 'America/New_York'
USE_I18N = False
USE_L10N = True
USE_TZ = True

        "region_name": AWS_SES_REGION_NAME,

With the above settings django calls tzset() on startup which modifies the system timezone. This then means the timestamp used by botocore to sign the requests for SES is not UTC, because the following error is received from message sending;

An error occurred (ExpiredToken) when calling the SendRawEmail operation: The security token included in the request is expired

Emails are sent successfully by changing settings to TIME_ZONE = 'UTC'.

I can only assume that the requests are being signed in UTC -4 which then hit AWS which is in UTC.

How can django run in a specific timezone, but boto operate with UTC timestamps?

The system is running in a docker container (pre-production);

  • docker compose 3.4 (unix host)
  • python 2.7
  • django 1.11
  • django-anymail 3.0
  • LocaleMiddleware is loaded
  • What version of Python and Django? What version of boto3 and botocore (pip freeze | grep boto)? Do you have any Django settings for Anymail's AMAZON_SES_CLIENT_PARAMS or AMAZON_SES_SESSION_PARAMS, and if so what? (I see some possibly problematic code in botocore, but I'm not able to find a test case that goes through that path. All my attempts to reproduce send just fine.) – medmunds yesterday
  • Also, what OS, and what timezone is your OS set to? (Django can't reliably change TIME_ZONE on Windows. and there's at least one boto3 issue about Windows time zones.) Also, have you changed Django's LANGUAGE_CODE from the default 'en-us'? And are you loading Django's LocaleMiddleware? – medmunds yesterday
  • Finally, unless your DB is already America/New_York (and you don't control that), "it's still good practice" to keep Django's default TIME_ZONE = 'UTC', and just do time zone conversion at the point you display dates/times (e.g., with the timezone template filter). – medmunds yesterday
  • @medmunds I've added environment details and the anymail settings. It's a docker based system on a unix machine so no issue with Windows. I appreciate that sticking to UTC is good practise, but if django has the settings to move the timezone, it'd be good to take advantage of it. But perhaps I'll look to simply localise values for the front end. – markwalker_ 21 hours ago

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