Is this possible? I have a playbook looking like this:

vars: BDNAME: ""

  - name: Add a tenant using a JSON string
      tenant: "common"
      bd: "{{ BDNAME }}"
      vrf: "PIGGE"
      hostname: '' 
      username: "x"
      password: "x"
      use_ssl: yes
      validate_certs: false

It works if i provide an extra variable in the commandline:

ansible-playbook apic.yml -i server.yml --extra-vars BDNAME='pooh'

Then BDNAME gets the value pooh. But is there any way that i can define pooh as a variable. So if i run the playbook like i just did, BDNAME get the value of that variable.

So something like vars: BDNAME: "" POOH: nisse

Then BDNAME should be nisse.


Define BDNAME in playbook directly from the extra variable POOH. That should do what you want. But it would be easier to use POOH instead of BDNAME.

Here is a example playbook:

- hosts: localhost
    BDNAME: "{{ POOH }}"
    - name: print BDNAME
        msg: "{{ BDNAME }}"

if you call it with:

ansible-playbook playbook.yml  -e '{"POOH": "Oliver"}'

you will see:

TASK [print BDNAME] **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
ok: [localhost] => {
    "changed": false, 
    "msg": "Oliver"
  • Thanks this works! – Krilion 23 hours ago

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