My app is deployed with Ionic 3 and now i’m into the process of migrating to Ionic 4.

One problem im having with Ionic 4 is with the ion-select using ngModel and ngModelChange, it seems when i select one option the ngModel isn't updated so the ngModelChange isn't dispatched.

My code:

    <ion-label floating>{{ 'Model' | translate }}</ion-label>
    <ion-select name="model" [(ngModel)]="device.model" (ngModelChange)="updateFirmwareList()" [disabled]="!isNew"
              required #model="ngModel" [cancelText]="ionSelecNameCancel" [okText]="ionSelecNameOk" ngDefaultControl>
              <ion-select-option *ngFor="let model of modelList" [value]="model">{{ model }}</ion-select-option>
  • I have already loaded the module FormsModule.

  • No errors are being displayed.

  • Im calling the component from a ModalController.


If you checked in both ionic 3 and 4 ngModelChange event get called after you click Ok button of modal.

I have created a sample demo with your code on StackBlitz with your below code. I am getting an event when I click on Ok button.

    <ion-label floating>{{ 'Model' }}</ion-label>
    <ion-select name="model" [(ngModel)]="device.model" (ngModelChange)="updateFirmwareList()" [disabled]="!isNew" required #model="ngModel"
     [cancelText]="ionSelecNameCancel" [okText]="ionSelecNameOk" ngDefaultControl>
        <ion-select-option *ngFor="let model of modelList" [value]="model">{{ model }}</ion-select-option>


 updateFirmwareList() {
    console.log('Event Called');

Ionic 3 Demo on stackblitz

Ionic 4 Demo on stackblitz

  • One point that may be causing this problem is that i'm opening this window inside a ModalController. const modal = await this.modalCtrl.create({ component: FormDevice, componentProps: {}, cssClass: 'full-size' }); await modal.present(); – arturios Mar 15 at 12:52
  • It didn't solve my problem because i need it working from a ModalController the way it was with Ionic 3. – arturios Mar 15 at 13:47

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