I have a state with multiple objects inside it. Right now I can modify all the elements from the first level, like the step property. But I want to know how to modify the elements from an object inside of my state.

Initial state

const initialState = {
  step : 1,
  user: {
    identification : {
      email:  '',
      username: '',
    localization: {
      address:  '',
      country: '',

My payload is this object:

identification : {
    email: "some@html.com"
    username: "s032190" }

And my rootReducer is this:

function rootReducer(state = initialState, action) {
  switch (action.type) {
    case ADD_USER:
      return { ...state, user: action.payload }  
    case CHANGE_STEP:
    return { ...state, step: action.payload }  
    case ADD_FIELD: 
      Object.keys(state.altaUsuario).forEach (cat => { 
          return { ...state.user, [cat] : action.payload}          
    return state

Is it fine to use a loop? I tried with the map or the foreach, nothing works. I also tried to call property in the spread operator, something like this:

       return { ...state, altaUsuario[cat] : action.payload}     

But it gives me a syntax error.

I can also modify the payload if is necessary.

Any idea??


You can try something like this

return { ...state,user : {...state.user ,identification :action.payload }}

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  • almost, but it creates a new identification property in my user object. Now I have user: { identification:{}, localization {}, identification{}} – ValRob Mar 15 at 12:55
  • 1
    my bad, i mistake the object key. Thanks for you first good answer! – ValRob Mar 15 at 13:26

if your action.payload is

  identification : {
  email: "some@html.com"
  username: "s032190"

you have to override the identification property

return { ...state, user: { ...state.user, identification: action.payload.identification} 

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