I have created Custom JSON based Localization Provider for IStringLocalizer and and Factory by taking an example of Askmethat-Aspnet-JsonLocalizer,

I have Also Achieved the Data Annotation Localization. and Localized the Validation Messages.

Now, Currently the requirement is that I can Update the Json based language files without restarting the application, Which is also by Injecting the IStringLocalizer as Transient Service.

But What I have observed is That Once the LocalizedStrings Loaded for the DataAnnotation, Its not updating whenever I Update the Json Its not reflecting the DataAnnotation Validation Message But It is if I use IStringLocalizer.

Is it possible that The DataAnnotation StringLocalizer is Singleton?

I have Used Below Code to Achieve DataAnnotationLocalization into startup

              .AddDataAnnotationsLocalization(options =>
                options.DataAnnotationLocalizerProvider = (type, factory) =>
                  factory.Create(string.Empty, string.Empty);

Here, Factory Implementation is injected as Transient service.

Is there Anything I missed out or Is it like the DataAnnotation Localization is Singleton Object?

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