I have to return 2 documents from a single query. The first value which I will be giving in the query and the second will be the previous one(sorted).

I am able to design both separately. The below code gives separate outputs.

db.collection.find({'_id': {'$lt': 'value1'}}).sort({'_id':-1}).limit(1)
  1. How to combine them? So when I execute from my appl it returns 2 outputs
  2. Fetch only a specific key instead of entire document

You can use $lte instead of $lt and limit with 2 - logically it will be the same operation

db.collection.find({ _id: { $lte: 'value1' } }, { _id: 1, yourKey: 1 }).sort({_id: -1}).limit(2)

EDIT: to get specific keys you need to specify them as second argument of .find()

  • Thank you! It works. Anyway I can get a specific key out of this instead of the entire document? I tried [key] at the end but does not work as expected. I only need the 2 values instead of 2 documents – Bharath Kesavan Mar 15 at 13:40
  • 1
    @BharathKesavan sure, modified my answer – mickl Mar 15 at 13:46

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