I have 2 databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL.

First database(MySQL) fields are:

 'availstock': Decimal('2.00000000'),
 'product_name': 'Product 1',

Second database(PostgreSQL) field are:

 'stock_code': 'Product 1',
 'price': '$123' 

product_name and stock_code are the same unique field. It's like a foreign key but there is no relation on DB and ORM sides, because these databases are separate from each other. I want to join with these fields. And want to sort by availstock

  • Probably easier to use rawSQL. But maybe using a Subquery might work, check this. Something like subquery = FirstModel.objects.filter(product_name=OuterRef('stock_code')) and then SecondModel.objects.annotate(availstock=Subquery(subquery.values('availstock')[:1])) – dirkgroten Mar 15 at 13:09

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