I've been studying a script that uses the random function in MATLAB.

x = rand(2,4) > 5

Explanatory - a random function generates random numbers.

But what I don't understand is the purpose of the

> 5


The output is a 2-by-4 logical array.


rand(2,4) will return a 2x4 array of random numbers between 0 and 1. The > 5 will return 1 for those numbers larger than 5 and 0 for those less than or equal to 5. So rand(2,4) > 5 will always give 2x4 array of zeros.

If you were to e.g. do rand(2,4) > 0.4 then approximately 40% of the elements in the obtained array will be 1 and approximately 60% of the elements will be zero.


function rand(i) produces random numbers between 0 to 1 in the dimensions you want so this code will produce a 2x4 array which all of its numbers are lower than 1 so all of them are lower than 5 , therefor the output will be a 2x4 of zeros

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