How can I make a simple "jump to" part of already loaded page in Blazor? Like this in HTML:

<a href="#contact">Contact us</a>
<section id="contact">

Ideally I also want to have it smooth scroll down to this section. Thought I would try to solve this with CSS, but maybe not possible?


What you need is the hashed routes features of Blazor. But, alas, no such features do exist yet. I'd suggest you use JSIterop to perform this task: Create a JavaScript that performs the navigation, and pass it an ElementRef object.

Hope this helps...

Edit: The following is an adaptation of the best workaround solution I've found in Github...

Ordinarily, when you click the link to contact, you get redirected to the route http://localhost:5000/mypage#contact, but will be at the top of the page. The fragment of the route is not used for selection of a specific HTML element.

The current workaround is to write explicit code that interprets the URL. In the example above, we could use a little bit of JavaScript and then call that from our Blazor code:


         @page "/mypage"
    @inject Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Services.IUriHelper UriHelper


        <a href="#contact">contact</a>


        <h2 id="contact">contact</h2>


@functions {
    protected override void OnInit()
        UriHelper.OnLocationChanged += OnLocationChanges;

    private void OnLocationChanges(object sender, string location) => NavigateToElement();

    private void NavigateToElement()
        var url = UriHelper.GetAbsoluteUri();
        var fragment = new Uri(url).Fragment;


        var elementId = fragment.StartsWith("#") ? fragment.Substring(1) : fragment;



    private static bool ScrollToElementId(string elementId)
        return JSRuntime.Current.InvokeAsync<bool>("scrollToElementId", elementId).GetAwaiter().GetResult();


        window.scrollToElementId = (elementId) => {
            console.info('scrolling to element', elementId);
            var element = document.getElementById(elementId);
                console.warn('element was not found', elementId);
                return false;
            return true;

Note: If you're using Blazor version .9.0, you should inject the IJSRuntime Please, let me know if this solution works for you...

  • Nice Issac, remember JSRuntime.Current is not more supported. Now ( >= 0.9.0 ) you must instantiate JSRuntime via DI. :) – dani herrera Mar 16 at 13:26
  • Thanks dani.... – Issac Mar 16 at 15:36
  • Tried it out. Microsoft Edge scrolls to correct area, then no reaction when I click the other links in navigation. Chrome and Firefox doesn't scroll at all, and nothing happens when clicking the other links in navigation. Really appreciate the effort though! Would be nice if someone else tried it, so I know if there is something else in my site that is causing problems. Note, I am running Blazor 0.7.0 – johajan yesterday

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