I am currently setting up a project of Python Django in VSCode, I have created a Virtual Environment and worked on it for a day and after my day was done, I turned off VSCode. And the next morning I do not the Virtual Env in my root! Is this a common thing or I just need to create Virtual Env everytime I start the project?

Also, I did save my project to GIT! I feel like doing the same thing again each day kills more time and I would lost the track of work! Please someone help me! Thanking you in advance!


You can activate your already existing virtual environment by using following command in ubuntu/linux

source <path to your virtual env>/bin/activate

This activates your previous virtual environment!

  • so,everytime I need to activate the environment and proceed with the project? – RoosyDepp Mar 15 at 21:51
  • Yes that would help you to not to create new virtual environment each time – Devang Padhiyar Mar 16 at 6:20

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