I have an object with properties. Some properties are generic list. For example IList<IArticle> or IList<IProduct> and so on.

I iterate over all properties in the object with myObject.GetType().GetProperties() and search for properties which are from type IList.

I can identify the IList-properties and would like to iterate over the list. But there is my problem. I can't cast the listProperty (which is of type object) into generic list. The problem is that the properties are different generic types. To cast into IList will work only for the property which are from type IList<IArticle>, but not for the rest like IList<IProdukt>...

Cast into IList<object> is always null.

Here is a example code:

foreach (var myProperty in myObject.GetType().GetProperties())
    //get generic property (type IList)
    if (myProperty.PropertyType.IsGenericType)
        PropertyInfo propInfo = myObject.GetType().GetProperty(myProperty.Name);
        Type propType = myObject.GetType().GetProperty(myProperty.Name).PropertyType;
        var listProperty = propInfo.GetValue(myProperty);

        foreach (var test in (listProperty as IList<???>))
            //Do some magic
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    List<T> implements IList, so just cast to an IList. You can't cast to a generic here because each generic type is different, as you pointed out. What are you trying to accomplish through reflection? Why do you want to loop over each of the properties? You lose the support of the type system doing that. – Amy Mar 15 at 17:09
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    Can you elaborate on the relationship between IArticle and IProdukt? – Vikhram Mar 15 at 17:14
  • thanks, im such a ..., I forgot to include the System.Collections namespace – user3356236 Mar 15 at 17:15
  • Can you show the basic definition of the class, IArticle and IProdukt? – ja72 Mar 18 at 13:35
  • How about splitting up the foreach() into two loops, one for List<IArtcle> and one for List<IProdukt>. Otherwise you need to find the commonality between the two in order to handle them in a similar fashion. – ja72 Mar 18 at 13:38

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