I want to get the text in the href that is https://lecturenotes.in/course/all/btech/electrical-engineering?utm_source=megamenu&utm_medium=web&utm_campaign=course where the code below is part of a tag

<div class="subject-content withripple"><span class="subject-action" data-type="subscribe" data-toggle="tooltip" data-placement="top" title="" data-original-title="Subscribe"></span><div class="clearfix"></div><span class="short-name text-uppercase">C</span><a href="/subject/1/programming-in-c-c" class="d-block"><h4 class="text-truncate text-capitalize mb-0" title="Programming In C">Programming In C</h4><span class="course">Course: B.TECH</span></a><div class="ripple-container"></div></div>
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    "I want to..." - okay. Do you have a question? – ForceBru Mar 15 at 17:34

To find all href-

soup  = BeautifulSoup(<HTML content>)
attrs = {'class': ''}
a_tags = soup.find_all("a",)
href_links = list(map(lambda x: x["href"],a_tags))

You can find the HTML content by making a get request to the desired page.
Mention attributes such as class_name in attrs to to tell the program where to look.

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