I am using sublime text, creating a file, and saving it as test.py, but it says:

unable to save /test.py Error: Permission denied

I am saving to a folder in my documents.

I am the only user on my system, so I am essentially the admin, correct?

Is there some reason why I cant save files?

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unable to save /test.py Error: Permission denied

The / in front of test.py may be an indicator that the file should be saved within the Linux root folder (/) and not within your home (/home//...) directory where you usually should be allowed to modify files.

If you are sure that you are saving it into your Documents folder, then you can check if some previous action removed your users write permission within that directory.


You probably didn't open sublime as an root user. If you want to do that you should open a terminal and

sudo <application-name>

In this case "sublime-text.subl". Then they will ask the root password and if enter it the application will open as root (or administrator)

  • Having administrator rights doesn't mean you should use the, or give to them to random applications. – Hielke Walinga Mar 15 at 19:49

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