I am very new at Ranorex, in fact I just starting to use the software this week. Everything is self-taught and online researches. My company automation engineers does not use Ranorex, so no help from them.

Currently company uses Ranorex version 6.1, I know it is old (hence no one uses it) and I dont think we can update it to the newer version without someone say so.

That being said, my issue is I was able to use Ranorex Spy to get the path for the "Open" button within the file explorer window: /form[@title='Open']/button[@text='&Open' and @pressed='True'].

However, although button is set to @pressed='True', but it does not seems that the button is been pressed.

Here is the screenshot in case my question is not clear. Note: we use in house automation software in conjunction with Ranorex.

Image: https://postimg.cc/tY1SVEn1



You probably just need to change the path to


I assume you don't have any other buttons with the text '&Open'

  • thank you for trying help me out. I worked the solution over the weekend. Turns out I should created an Object button "Open" in our automation software/Ranorex instead of using Ranorex path along. – ladyW Mar 18 at 15:54

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