How do I print a pdf of this url in an iframe using a html print button


I tried two solutions using the answers from these threads:

  1. Print pdf from iframe

  2. Print PDF directly from JavaScript

My html is an iframe with the pdf url above and my js looks like:

src="the url that is above. too long to fit here"
height="100%" />
<button id="printButton" onclick="javascript:printPage()"   

My js:

 function printPage(documentId) {
var doc = document.getElementById('pdfDocument');
 //Wait until PDF is ready to print    
if (typeof doc.print === 'undefined') {    
setTimeout(function(){printPage(documentId);}, 1000);
} else {

I have not had any luck. The button is non-responsive. Something must be wrong with the js. They have a printjs library. Maybe that is a better route. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

  • The posted question does not appear to include any attempt at all to solve the problem. StackOverflow expects you to try to solve your own problem first, as your attempts help us to better understand what you want. Please edit the question to show what you've tried, so as to illustrate a specific problem you're having in a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. For more information, please see How to Ask and take the tour. – FrankerZ Mar 16 at 1:16
  • Hey Franker.... I revised the question – brandon p Mar 16 at 2:26
  • Saying "I tried", and linking 2 solutions, without showing your actual attempt, is no help. – FrankerZ Mar 16 at 2:47
  • I have tried several attempts. This is the current. – brandon p Mar 16 at 3:42
  • Where are you calling it? This is the last time I'm going to try and ask for more clarification. Add a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. Tell us what you tried, tell us why it's not working. Any error message? – FrankerZ Mar 16 at 3:49

The URL you have is not returning a PDF document. It does instead return a HTML document with the PDF embedded in it. Therefore, you cannot print the document properly using an iframe or the Print.js library. To accomplish that, you would need to have a URL that returns the actual PDF document.

  • maps.assessor.lacounty.gov/Geocortex/Essentials/REST/sites/PAIS/…. This url is of the pdf. What is the best way to print it within an iframe using a button outside of the iframe on my page? – brandon p Apr 2 at 15:59
  • This URL returns with a 307 redirect to another HTML page. Please check your request headers. You need a URL that returns the PDF document (application/pdf). – crabbly Apr 2 at 19:51
  • Are you sure? The source showed as applicant/pdf when I checked – brandon p Apr 3 at 14:42
  • Yes, I'm sure. Check it again. – crabbly Apr 3 at 21:57

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