So I'm trying to make a replica of a red 8 of diamonds on python, but all i've figured out was how to make a red diamond spiral. My goal in the end is to have it look like a red 8 of diamonds card, but I haven't achieved much of that yet. It'll be greatly appreciated if you could help!

What I want it to look like:

What I've achieved:

my code

import turtle

pickle = 1
chin = 1
bruv = 1

for i in range(50):
    turtle.write("\u2666",font=("Comic Sans MS",bruv,"normal"))
    pickle += 3
    chin += 2
    bruv += 2

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  • Please read Why is "Can someone help me?" not an actual question? Why 50 in range(50)? What are the variables pickle (aside: that's a weird name and there's a pickle in the standard library), chin, and bruv supposed to be? – Chris Mar 16 at 1:19
  • Use a fixed font size 50 and only turtle.setpos((-50, 100)) for every diamond. – stovfl Mar 16 at 21:18