I am trying to match a string like "https://open.spotify.com/track/1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ omg this ones nice" and extract the part after the last slash, in this case "1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ". Could anyone help me figure out the regex with appropriate group for this? I already tried the following:


but it normally ends up matching the whole link like "https://open.spotify.com/track/1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ"


Maybe something like:

\/track\/([^ ]*)


  1. search for literal /track/
  2. [^ ]* match everything until whitespace

as you tagged js:

'https://open.spotify.com/track/1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ omg this ones nice'.match(/\/track\/([^ ]*)/)[1]



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    I ended up having to stop at the first question mark, so changing yours to /\/track\/([^?]*)/ worked great and I also didn't have to worry if it was a \n or other type of whitespace. Much appreciated – Marc Sloth Eastman Mar 16 at 2:44

Using \w will help you a lot here. It matches any letter, digit or underscore. Equivalent to [a-zA-Z0-9_].

track = "https://open.spotify.com/track/1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ omg this ones nice";
re = /track\/(\w+\?\w+=\w+)\s/;

match = track.match(re);
match[1];  # 1st parenthesized group: "1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ"
match[0];  # the entire match: "track/1c3v8Ww4q8Vah92JBxAzxi?si=oqw6SQtxTVqJuoe2C_XrzQ "

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