Task: To write a simple standalone app(app1) that can subscribe(watch) firehose events from pivotal cloud foundry. Yet to understand the technology to be used for app1.

Python is my primary skill, but open for Java or GO, if required

app1 need to subscribe(watch) for Staging complete events of any app running across Orgs in Pivotal Cloud Foundry and receive the app details and then trigger cf env <app_name> to get environment details of the app that just got into staging.

Any app is pushed with a manifest file, having environment variables(as shown below)

    --- applications: 

     - name: some-app

        instances: 1 

        memory: 1G 

        buildpack: java_buildpack_offline         

        path: target/artifact.jar

        routes: - 
              route: some.router.com 

              - abc

               - def


                 ARTIFACT_VERSION: 0.0.1

1) which technology is more suitable(supported) to perform this task? to basically watch Firehose events and run cf env <on_that_app>

2) Is my code(app1) suppose to be running within PCFoundry to watch Firehose events? Can I run app1 outside PCF to watch Firehose events?

Please share some resources on learning about firehose events in PCFoundry(PAAS), as novice


Golang concept (please don't expect any copy/paste codes):

  1. get log messages from Doppler - use cloudfoundry/noaa and watch only for log Staging complete
  2. call CF client and get env variable value - use cloudfoundry-community/go-cfclient

You can watch Firehose events from anywhere. You just need network connectivity to Doppler URL, so development can be done on localhost dev machine and production version can be running in Cloud Foundry. You can use websockets, so you can push changes directly to the browser. IMHO final Golang implementation will need disk_quota: 64M and memory: 16M.

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