I need dynamic colored button in ionic4. This is my code, but not working

<ion-button [style.--background]="colorVarialble">Buttton</ion-button>
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You can use like this:


 --ion-color-btn: #ef5365;

create class in your home.page.scss

.btncolor {
  --background: var(--ion-color-btn);

and after add class in your button:

<ion-button shape="round" class="btncolor">
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hope it help you :)


You can do by following way


  <ion-button style="--background:red">Red</ion-button> // //whateve color you can give


<button ion-button [ngStyle]="{'background-color':'red'}">Butttons</button> //whateve color you can give

Live Demo in v3

  • Thanks for your help, In my case, the colorVarialble is dynamic, is not Countable. for example, '#000011', '#992233', etc. – Florence Williams Mar 16 at 10:18
  • I need use variable instead red – Florence Williams Mar 16 at 10:23

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