I'm attempting to embed a Vega-Lite graph into a React.js application as follows:

class ClusterDistribution extends Component {
  createPlot = () => {


    vegaEmbed(this.node, spec, { actions: false }).then(res => {
      res.view.insert("myData", myData);

  componentDidUpdate() {

  render() {
    return <div ref={node => (this.node = node)} />;

The data loads well, but there is an odd behavior where it will only draw the bars when I hover as seen in this video:

show on hover

Any thoughts on why this may be happening would be great!

  • Did you see react-vega? – ilia timofeev 11 hours ago
  • I hadn't, I changed it to use that API and it works great, thank you! Not sure how it fixes it though. – user2728933 9 hours ago

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