I need to create a df with column headers with strings "v","d","c"

I have 3 rows:

in_max =[a,b,c]
out_max = [d,e,f]
weight_max = [g,h]

and I want to set up my df so that it looks like this:

"v","d", "c"



g,h, "t"

basically the first row, is the first two values from in_max, followed by an "i" the second row is the first and third values in out_max followed by an "o" the last two values are the values in weight_max, followed by a "t".

How would I go about doing this in Scala?

  • This is not a generic solution but you can create a DF of one row for each case and than union them. – RefiPeretz Mar 16 at 9:30

Let's simply translate your logic into code:

val in_max = Seq("a","b","c")
val out_max = Seq("d","e","f")
val weight_max = Seq("g","h")

val df = Seq((in_max(0), in_max(1), "i"),
             (out_max(0), out_max(2), "o"),
             (weight_max(0), weight_max(1), "t"))
     .toDF("v", "d", "c")

|  v|  d|  c|
|  a|  b|  i|
|  d|  f|  o|
|  g|  h|  t|

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