I've been working on a Firebase project, with Firestore and Cloud Functions. For testing I work in my very first project created and when ready for production I create another project to start clean. Since I'm near to deploy my app to production I created a new project set the Firestore Region to europe-west1, along with my functions(Python & JavaScript), my functions work with Pub/Sub, Create, Update & Delete triggers, but ever since I started using my new project I noticed that events are being replicated, and that's a bummer since, it creates loops and crashes with my functions, while the older project every event is delivered only once, working as I'd expect.

Currently a workaround I have in place is to create a document flag, when I receive my very first event and delete upon completion of the very first instance of the function, while other instances(up to three, sometimes), just return when they hit the True flag. Although it works pretty well, I have to create a flag for every function I have, while my original project in us-central1 is still working as I expect, getting an event only once.

Is it the region? What can I do to avoid multiple events to be delivered to my functions.

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    Duplication of events to background functions is expected to happen to some degree (it is documented, and your functions should be idempotent), and normally it would be very rare. But if you have conclusive measurements that suggest a certain region experiences a much higher rate of duplication, that would be something to bring to Google Cloud support. – Doug Stevenson Mar 16 at 4:53
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    I did mention the region, because it was virtually the only thing I changed from project to project. I was aware of the replication of events, but didn't happened to me as much as now that I started working with the production project in europe-west1 and I noticed them and another project but with data that wouldn't change dramatically but when I have to add/remove create/delete documents/data is a problem. Thank you I'll start working on my flags. – Racu Mar 16 at 5:22

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