I want to use gfortran to generate suitable rules for a Makefile, with sources that use modules.

E.g., if in src1.f90

program prog
  use module1
end program

and in mod_mymods.f90

module module1
end module module1

I want to generate a line like

src1.f90: mod_mymods.f90

Is that possible?

Does this suggest that gfortran>=4.5 can do that?

Note that the only way to find such dependencies is by parsing all f90 files until there is a match between use module1 and module module1. Or, one can maintain an index of source files <-> modules, and have make keep it up to date.

Alternatives found are:




https://simplyfortran.com/ (but it is a whole IDE)



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    If you want to go this way, it is your choice and the answers should stay on-topic, but I really have to note that modern build system don't need any dependency lists and just work automatically (cmake, scons, waf, FoBiS,...). – Vladimir F Mar 16 at 8:47
  • The USE statement is the dependency, and the makefile just aborts when the error that .mod is not found returns from the compiler. – Holmz Mar 16 at 20:34
  • @VladimirF - Thanks. Would you know about the two questions posted? – sancho.s Mar 17 at 11:42
  • No, I hate Makefiles after spending way too much time trying making them work. – Vladimir F Mar 17 at 11:44

It seems generating such dependency is not possible directly with gfortran.

Use of cmake (e.g.) seems to automatically account for that, even if I did not check the resulting makefile, and I wouldn't know how does cmake parse the contents of src1.f90 and mod_mymods.f90 to be able to tell the dependency.

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