I want to connect my dialogflow chatbot to this API. so that, whenever I write "Where does Quran talk about Allah", it goes to this api and make HTTP get request to https://islam360api.herokuapp.com/Allah and returns the response.

I have turned on the "Webhook" in the intent and added the api link in as dialogflow fulfilment url. But how to teach dialogflow to concatenate the word "Allah" after or anything else user might say with each api call to https://islam360api.herokuapp.com and make HTTP get request and returns the response? Do I need to use action? What for? or Do I need to use inline editor, instead of "Webhook" under fulfillment?

  • you use custom entities. – sid8491 2 days ago
  • @sid8491 I know I have done it. Next? – user9181286 2 days ago
  • you need to append the value of your parameter which you will extract using custom entity after your url, you will do this in your webhook code. url = "https://islam360api.herokuapp.com/" + parameter_value – sid8491 2 days ago
  • @sid8491 so I have to use inline editor? – user9181286 2 days ago
  • its your choice to use inline editor or your own webhook – sid8491 2 days ago

Actually you need to write your own server and give the link to in dialogflow fulfillment, I recommend you to use firebase functions as your server since it is easy to understand.

You also need to use sys.any entity since your user might say anything, such as user might also say, "where does Quran talk about {sys.any}" Any means any text string, I would recommend you to make this training phases of intent in template mode instead of example mode. (https://dialogflow.com/docs/intents/training-phrases)




As a reference Watch these videos, I am teaching how to use firebase functions as fulfilment webhook and how to use database to store your customers hotel booking, instead of using database you need to make an https request (ideally using npm request module https://www.npmjs.com/package/request)

Note: the given videos link is on dialogflow v1 which is outdated, but it still convey the basic idea so it is still helpful Note: firebase functions doesn't allow you to make http request in free mode, inline editor is also firebase functions, other options are express server with combination of heroku Note: these videos are using json request response to dialogflow, Ultimately i would recommend you to use dialogflow fulfilment library for this purpose (https://github.com/dialogflow/dialogflow-fulfillment-nodejs)

  • Stack overflow stupid system was considering my YouTube link as code, anyone please edit this – Inzamam Malik 2 days ago

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