I'm using Shiny to develop a small app.

My problem of the day is to insert inputs from the user (reactive environment) into an existing dataframe. Specifically, I can't convert the inputs type from closure to double (see error message below).

I've already tried several approaches and googled the problem but didn't find any solution.

Thanks a lot,

Here's a simplified version of the code:


ui <- fluidPage(
 navbarPage(title = "App Title",
         tabPanel("Panel Header",
                  titlePanel("Panel Title"),
                      numericInput("User_1","Input1", value = 1, min=0),
                      numericInput("User_2","Input2", value = 0.3, min=0),
                      actionButton(inputId = "UserValid",label = "Click me"),
    )#end mainPanel
  )#end sidebarLayout
)#end tabPanel
)#end Navbarpage
)#end ui

server <- function(input, output) {
  DB1 <- read.csv2("~/FilePathway/DB1.csv", row.names = 1, sep=",", dec=".")

UserData <- eventReactive(input$UserValid,{
data.frame(U_1 = input$User_1,
           U_2 = input$User_2

DB1[66,1:2] <- eventReactive(input$UserValid,{
}#end server

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

Here's the error message

Warning: Error in <-: incompatible types (from closure to double) in subassignment type fix
  52: [<-.data.frame
  50: server [#27]
Error in x[[jj]][iseq] <- vjj : 
  incompatible types (from closure to double) in subassignment type fix

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If you have the same issue, please go to this topic for a partial (at least for now) solution: ShinyR : Unexpected result when exporting inputs

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