I'm currently trying to get the following code to succeed at runtime:

public delegate void LogDelegate(LogLevel logLevel, EventId eventId, object state, Exception exception, Func<object, Exception, string> formatter);

public abstract class LoggingTestBase
    private Mock<ILogger> _mockLogger;

    public ILogger Setup(LogDelegate logCallback)
        _mockLogger = new Mock<ILogger>(MockBehavior.Strict);
        _mockLogger.Setup(logger => logger.Log(
                It.IsAny<Func<object, Exception, string>>()))
        return _mockLogger.Object;

The problem is, that I get a MockException once I run the test because the method that gets called is the generic ILogger.Log<FormattedLogValues>(...) which I obviously didn't setup.

Reading the existing answer to this and the Moq documentation I came to the conclusion that I should probably just mock the generic method with the correct type argument as shown above.

Here I stumbled into the next problem which brings me to the end of ideas:

In current versions of Microsoft.Extensions.Logging FormattedLogValues is no longer public but internal (following this PR) which makes impossible to mock the generic method that gets called in the end.

Has anyone successfully solved this issue? How?

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