This might very well be very stupid question, but I can not find QTabBar in Qt Designer. There is QTabWidged in the "Containers" group, but it is not the same - I don't need different pages, I just need the tab bar.

(I am using 4.7.2 version of Qt Designer under KDE4 on debian.)


There is no item in the designer that is a QTabBar, the only way you could accomplish this is by creating a plain QWidget and promoting it to a tabbar, but you will then have to set up the whole thing in code.

As for the pages you do realize that you can also promote the content widgets of a QTabWidget in designer to any subclass of QWidget, builtin or something that you created.

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    You mean promote in code or there is a way to do it in Designer? The reason I do not need pages is that there is going to be quite expansive widget on every "page" so I prefer to have only one instance of this and reload its contents on every tab click. – gorn Apr 1 '11 at 23:50
  • Information on promoting in Qt Designer in 4.8. – Phrogz Oct 19 '14 at 22:49

In Qt Designer 4.8 you can add a Widget where you want the QTabBar to be, and then right-click and choose "Promote To ▸ QTabBar". (Note: "Promote To", not "Morph Into")

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