I want to implement an interface that look like very much imessage app. I read many topics, saw many videos and I still don't understand how it works precisely, it looks like people are doing things randomly.

Here is the question: I want to put a UITextView on top of the keyboard, as an inputAccessoryView, in order to enable an ".interactive" keyboard dismissal (and have the bar with the UITextView in it, moving with the keyboard in the dismiss or showing gesture). I just want basically something just like in iMessage or Facebook Messenger app.

So I saw that I had to put this in the colletionViewController, where I have the messages historic (I still don't understand why I have to put it in that UICollectionView) :

override var inputAccessoryView: UIView? {
        let v = UIView(frame : CGRect(x:0,y:0,width:100,height:50))
        v.backgroundColor = .red

        return v

override var canBecomeFirstResponder: Bool {
    get { return true }

When I do that, the red bar is not showing when I launch the app. I've tried many things. I tried to becomeFirstResponder() at the collection viewDidLoad, but no result. I tried reloadInputView(), no result either. I also tried to myinstanceTextView.becomeFirstResponder() in the collectionView.viewDidLoad(), nothing. I want basically a function to control the keyboard like that :

self.showKeyboardAndItsAccessoiryView() // when the user types something
self.showOnlyAccessoiryView() // when the user do other things in the historic 
self.showNothing() // hide keyboard and its accessoryview, when the user go to another page, we don't want the bottom bar any more.

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