Is there any way to see the total number of edges and/or the genus used in the euler number formula using MeshLab?


  • please give more detail or sample codes. – tim Mar 16 at 23:52
  • There is no code. Meshlab is an application. meshlab.net I asked this question by clicking on their ask a question button. – Rex Buyeo Mar 17 at 0:03
  • screenshots? then – tim Mar 17 at 0:32
  • In this screenshot, you can see the number of vertices and faces on the bottom but not the number of edges. 80.lv/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/david_edit3.jpg – Rex Buyeo Mar 17 at 0:43

Go to Filters >> Quality Measures and Computations >> Compute Topological Measures

Then, hit CTRL+L to open the layer dialog, which shows in the filter output vertices, edges, facets, boundary edges, number of connected components, number of holes, genus, and whether the mesh is manifold or not.

  • Thank you, this is it. This is the answer. – Rex Buyeo Mar 18 at 16:43

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