I have a graph generated from networkx. I want to control the spacing in the graph, and specifically in the kamada_kawai_layout display.

I attach an image of the graph here:

click here if you want to see a picture of my graph

If you see, there are multiple nodes going out of independent_5 and dependent_1_result. However they're all placed on top of each other and I would like them to be separated and distinct so we can actually see the different paths.

The documentation on the layout describes the dist attribute as: "dist (float (default=None)) – A two-level dictionary of optimal distances between nodes, indexed by source and destination node. If None, the distance is computed using shortest_path_length()."

So I get that we need to supply a dictionary to control the spacing, but I don't get the details of how we would do that. Is the key tuple? And what would the value look like — would it be a number? What would this number mean? etc? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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