I am quite new to Isotope and jQuery, and have trouble filtering my results on page load. The Isotope works, but when I tried to apply a filter .155282971747-digital-marketing" (instead of *) per default, no element appears on page load..

Here is the page concerned: https://kaffeogsanser.melt.dk#isotope

    if (typeof $.fn.isotope == 'function') {
    var $parent = $('.rt-isotope-wrapper'),
    var blogGallerIso = $(".rt-isotope-content", $parent).imagesLoaded(function () {
        $isotope = $(".rt-isotope-content", $parent).isotope({
            filter: ".155282971747-digital-marketing",
            transitionDuration: "1s",
            hiddenStyle: {
                opacity: 0,
                transform: "scale(0.001)"
            visibleStyle: {
                transform: "scale(1)",
                opacity: 1
    $('.rt-isotope-tab a').on('click', function () {
        var $parent = $(this).closest('.rt-isotope-wrapper'),
            selector = $(this).attr('data-filter');

        $parent.find('.rt-isotope-tab .current').removeClass('current');
            filter: selector
        return false;

    $(".hide-all .rt-portfolio-tab a[data-filter='.155282971747-digital-marketing']").remove();

    $(".hide-all .rt-portfolio-tab a").first().trigger('click');

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