I can't seem to get ADB started anymore in Android Studio.

I get an error "Error initializing ADB: unable to create Debug Bridge: Unable to start adb server: Unable to detect adb version, adb output:"

When i go to the platform-tools folder to restart adb via the command line I get an error: "Entry Point Not Found"

'the procedure entro point _create_locale could not be located in the dynamic link library'

So far I haven't been able to fix this. Anyone knows how to do this?


I was also facing the same issue and in my case the issue was with the latest platform tools 28.0.2. So I downgraded my platform tools from 28.0.2 to 28.0.1 and it worked.

You can download the previous platform tools (28.0.1) from below link


  • Yeah, that's what I ended up doing to get my issue fixed... – Rik van Velzen Mar 22 at 9:21

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