I am getting above exception in my web application running in Tomcat when packaged all my dependencies including spring-data-jpa.jar in a single jar using maven-shaded-plugin and put under WEB-INF/lib directory.

Problem dis-appears if I package the spring-data-jpa.jar directly into WEB-INF/lib along with my shaded jar?

NOTE: I will be running the same package as AWS Lambda hence I need to create a shaded jar.

To help others, the problem was that multiple spring-*.jar files META-INF/spring.handlers files which overwrites each other while running the maven-shade-plugin.

To resolve use <transformers> in the plugin configuration. My final plugin configuration looks like as follows;

            <!-- Remove signatures from transitive dependencies and append spring handlers and schemas -->

Above will merge all handlers in one single file in final jar. Enjoy :-)

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