I have a form called FirstInLastOut which looks as the image below.Form

Based on Name or badge number I want to search between two dates.

I am using the following criteria on the query:

>=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![StartDateEntry] And <=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![EndDateEntry]

This is given me results that include other months as well. Please see the query report below.


So as you can see in the image the numbers of the dates are falling with the the parameter but getting other months as well.

How can I make it so it will only select the dates between the date ranges?

SELECT FistClockInRaw.Badgenumber, FistClockInRaw.name, FistClockInRaw.lastname, FistClockInRaw.MinOfCHECKTIME, FLastClockOutRaw.MaxOfCHECKTIME, [MaxOfCHECKTIME]-[MinOfCHECKTIME] AS TotalHours, FLastClockOutRaw.QDate, FistClockInRaw.MinOfQTime, FLastClockOutRaw.MaxOfQTime, RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME
FROM RawCompleteQuery, FLastClockOutRaw INNER JOIN FistClockInRaw ON (FLastClockOutRaw.Badgenumber = FistClockInRaw.Badgenumber) AND (FLastClockOutRaw.name = FistClockInRaw.name) AND (FLastClockOutRaw.QDate = FistClockInRaw.QDate)
WHERE (((FistClockInRaw.name)=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![FirstNameEntry]) AND ((RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME)>=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![StartDateEntry] And (RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME)<=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![EndDateEntry]));

is the Query

  • It compares the entered dates as text, not dates, so it will select all dates with days between 15 and 19. So, for correct results the data type in table/query should be date and convert the text on the selection form to date data type first – Sergey S. Mar 20 at 6:55

I assume that the forms fields StartDateEntry and EndDateEntry are bound to fields of type date.

I also assume that you are only interested to compare the date part of those form fields.

So try this condition instead to assure correct date interpreting:

WHERE FistClockInRaw.name=[Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![FirstNameEntry]
AND RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME >= Format([Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![StartDateEntry], "\#yyyy-mm-dd\#")
AND RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME <= Format([Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![EndDateEntry], "\#yyyy-mm-dd\#")

A remark:

Be aware that every date field/variable always contains a time part too!

So your current logic comparing EndDateEntry with <= can cause trouble, because you would only get results of the end date having time values of 00:00:00 in the field CHECKTIME.

If any record of CHECKTIME contains the requested end date and a time part bigger then 00:00:00, it is not in the result.

To avoid that, you should use < and add one day:

And RawCompleteQuery.CHECKTIME < Format([Forms]![FirstInLastOut]![EndDateEntry] + 1, "\#yyyy-mm-dd\#")

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