I want to create a series of click listeners for TextViews.

private class ClickListener(setValue: (Int) -> (Unit), getValue: () -> (Int)) : View.OnClickListener {

    override fun onClick(v: View?) {
            val oldValue = getValue()
            val newValue = v?.text.toString().toInt()
            if (newValue != oldValue) {
                if (oldValue != 0) {
                    v?.isSelected = false
                } else {
                    v?.isSelected = true

Here I create a custom click listener with lambdas (setter and getter). I create lambdas in Fragment, where I set click listeners to TextViews.

I can call setValue() and getValue() inside a constructor (init), but cannot use it inside onClick().

enter image description here

If I call getValue2(), I will get another error:

enter image description here

  • @StefanGolubović, of course. I showed an example, that getValue() is accessible, but raises error. If I invoke nonexistent method (getValue2()), it raises another error. Sorry, I changed a source code to remove getValue2(). – CoolMind Mar 19 at 8:45

Declare getValue() and setValue() as properties:

private class ClickListener(
    val setValue: (Int) -> Unit,
    val getValue: () -> Int
) : View.OnClickListener {

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