I'm trying to create a directory on a remote Windows 2016 server using Ansible's win_file module on a network share.
I have an admin account on the server and can execute win_file for local disks.

Note that I have permissions to create directories on the network share with my account. I'm sure it is the same account, and I have verified that I can create the directory manually via Remote Desktop.

I also have set the following permissions for my admin account in the Local Group Policy:

  • Allow log on locally
  • Log on as a service


I'm trying to create a new directory with the following task:

- name: Create directory
    # path: E:\target_directory # this works
    path: \\server.net\directory\target_directory # this doesn't
    state: directory

In case of a network share I get the following error message Error

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type

What is Ansible trying to do here?

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