Good Day Stackers,

Ok, I would like to preface this question by first noting we are in the year 2019, and I have found numerous no-longer-valid solutions from 2002-2012 but NOTHING as within the last few years.

It seems that the Microsoft and Adobe have jointly decided that providing libraries to perform bulk operations that allow UNIQUE passwords to be added to PDF files is no longer something they want to continue and are pushing us to use 3rd party solutions which many are dodgy at best or simply don't work.

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro XI but had no luck using their action script to solve this problem. Only bulk action is to assign the SAME password to all PDF files.

Additionally, I am using MS Office 2016 (tried word, excel and access) and have even tried PDFCreator 3.4.0 in VBA Macros and it continually fails at the PrintJob.ConvertTo(fullpath) with ambiguous errors (example: -2147467259 Access error)

I am hoping one of you stellar folks might have been successful with the above mentioned technologies encrypting and assigning UNIQUE passwords to numerous PDF files using either Adobe Acrobat Pro or VBA in MS Office products.

PS - I am an Expat living in Saudi Arabia so the heat may be factoring in to my inability to solve this.

  • According to this post from 2016, it should still be possible with PDF Creator, just maybe with an older version. This is pretty much the first answer on Google, so apologies if you've already tried this, I haven't tested myself. – FAB Mar 19 at 13:43
  • Alternatively, iTextSharp seems like a good option, and is still in date... You will need to fiddle with using the .dll in VBA (again I haven't tried), but can always extend your code to do it via powershell if it doesn't work directly from VBA (been using recently to generate PDF's from powershell with iTextSharp, though haven't tried to password protect them). – FAB Mar 19 at 13:49
  • @DarXyde I will roll back to an older version of PDFCreator per the Graham Mayor suggestion and report back shortly. Crossing Fingers! – JeffreyJ Mar 20 at 11:02

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